Sectors CA, CPA, ACCA work

The ultimate six sectors where CA, CPA, ACCA work

Accountants work in a wide range of industries. This article mentions the most common six sectors where they work.


1.   Corporate


Accountants work in corporate businesses in different capacities. They might work in one of the three departments in the industry.

a. Financial Accounting

                In the Financial Accounting department, professional accountants generally work as;

    • General Accountants
    • Treasury Accountants
    • Tax Accountants
    • Finance Manager

b. Managerial Accounting(also known as Financial Planning & Analysis – FP&A )

In FP &A, certified accountants generally work on the capacity of;

    • Cost Accountants
    • Budget Accountants
    • Financial Analysts
    • FP&A Manager

c. Information Systems (Basically IT )

A few CA, CPA, ACCA work on the Information system of an organization. The most common roles are;

    • Financial System Administration
    • Functional Consultant (ERP)
    • Business process consultant
    • Manager, Financial systems

2.   Accounting Firms


CA, CPA, ACCA work in the accounting firms in the following areas;

  • Accounting & Transaction Advisory
  • Financial Advisory
  • Risk Advisory
  • Forensics

The career path in accounting firms is quite common as mentioned below;

    • Analyst/Associate
    • Senior Analyst/Associate
    • Manager
    • Senior Manager
    • Partner

3.   Government Accounting


Accountants work in a wide number of departments in government agencies from local to Federal. They work in managing budgets, public funds, preparing financial statements, investigate frauds, taxation revenue, etc.

4.   Environmental Accounting


With an increased emphasis on the organization’s environmental impacts, there an increased demand for accounting and reporting aspects related to it. Particularly, it enhances the transparency in reporting the environment-related revenue and costs.

Some of the CA, CPA, and ACCA choose to work in this area as Environmental accountants.

5.   Information Technology Firms


A number of accountants choose work in Technology Firms in the capacity of technical experts. The most common job in this area are:

  • ERP / Accounting Software implementation Lead
  • Business processes Consultant
  • Functional Lead
  • Data Scientist
  • Subject Matter Experts (SME’s)

6.   Lecturing


Last but certainly not the least, a number of CA, CPA, and ACCA choose to teach the aspiring accountants. Commonly, the lecturer chooses either of the following paths;

  • University Lecturing
  • Professional Coaching Centre Tutoring

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